Thursday, February 19, 2009


What the crap?

97.1 FM Talk is changing their format from “All Talk” to “All Crap Top 40 Crap” starting tomorrow at 5pm. Another Top 40 station. How original.

No more “Adam Carolla Show.” Carolla has really grown on me over the years. He’s not just The Man Show guy - only about boobs and beer - but a very smart and funny individual. No more “Frosty, Heidi and Frank” - three very engaging and entertaining personalities. No more “Tom Leykis Show” – a controversial figure, but one who often gives you something to think about. I was never a big fan of Danny Bonaduce’s show but as with most train wrecks it was hard not to take a look, or in this case a listen.

The reason seems to be their listeners were skewing a little older than what advertisers like and it was getting tougher to sell advertisers on talk radio.

When is this goddamn economic shitstorm gonna f---ing end?

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