Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do NOT Want

Here is my impression of EVERY tech repair guy facing a computer problem. Ready?

Sits at computer, all confident. Types in a few things. (a beat) "That's weird."

That's what happened this afternoon with my internet access problemo of the last couple of days. Tech guy used some sci-fi gadget and got a high speed reading at one end, but DIAL UP speed was reading at the other (my) end. After replacing my high speed modem with a brand-fangled new model, and taking some more Ghostbuster gizmo readings he come to the conclusion that the problem was "out on the pole." (That and I had a "full spectrum vapor apparition," but I'm not overly concerned with Slimer right now.)

The other thing was "it could take a day or two to fix."

Of course.

This was at 3pm Thursday afternoon. Meaning tomorrow is Friday and this crap could go on through the weekend until Monday or Tuesday. So I'm posting today at dial up speed. Meaning I hit Enter, then take out the garbage, clean the bathroom, or wash a sink-load of dishes, then come back to the computer to see if it's done.

It's 1996 all over again, and it's effing annoying. Isn't that weird?

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