Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodbye Eliza's Tanktops

Okay, Dollhouse, I quit.

Rich people buy yachts and jets. They build hotels and casinos. Rich people eat in the most famous and luxurious restaurants in the world. They buy outrageously expensive bottles of wine. If they are male, they usually date a string of gorgeous women before marrying some other gorgeous woman. Rich people even spend $20 million for a ride into space. Rich people don’t rent “actives” with computer implanted personalities and abilities so they can go on fancy dates with them for a few days. The A-Team, with Mr. T's mohawk and jewelry and 407,692 bullets whizzing around every episode and not hitting anyone, is more believable and realistic.

I don’t even think Joss Whedon created this show, rather it’s some guy with a similar name, like Jeff Whedon, and the network suits got their wires crossed.

In tonight’s episode a client’s credentials are faked. The Dollhouse people are astonished. The Dollhouse people, who run a secret organization where they routinely erase people’s minds and implant new memories and abilities using a computer, are shocked at faked paperwork!

This gorram show is so stupid, it makes me want to watch NUMB3RS instead. I see it being cancelled after six more episodes.

I’m gonna go watch my Firefly DVDs.

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