Saturday, May 8, 2010

Traveling to Hyboria - no passport needed, but bring a sword

There's finally a NEW Conan the Barbarian movie in production, and by Crom it better be good!

I read the Marvel Comics adaptation of the Conan tales while a wee spaceman (I never read the actual Robert E. Howard pulp novels, but someday....) and I loved the first Arnold Schwarzenegger movie directed with gusto by John Milius (and co-scripted by future-Oscar winner Oliver Stone!). Arnold eclipsed all other strongmen before him in tackling the role of the Cimmerian. He LOOKED like a John Buscema-drawn muscle-bound barbarian.

Production designer Ron Cobb also did a wonderful job in creating the fantasy world of Hyboria. Hyboria like the more well known Tolkien Middle Earth is set in our pre-historic past, and Cobb and his team brought a myriad of influences to the table in setting up Conan's world (and shooting in Spain helped too, as the Spanish landscape hadn't been photographed to death). And it worked.

Now we have a new movie in production with a new Conan, Stargate Atlantis' Jason Momoa (an inspired choice). Here's a few set pics from Bulgaria courtesy of

Let's hope director Marcus Nispel - a veteran of music vids and commercials and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake - is fully immersed in the amazing world of Conan, and delivers a rowdy, bawdy, muscular action adventure movie. Conan the Barbarian deserves no less, by Crom!

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