Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the Matter of Iron Man Sequels

Video Hound's Movie has a new post about what it wants to see in Iron Man 3.

Even though IM2 opened strong it hasn't equaled, let alone surpassed, the domestic gross of the original film. I believe audiences caught on that IM2 had too many problems: too many villains (WHEN will comic book movies LEARN!? Most of the filmmakers are comic book fans and have SEEN the good movies, and the BAD ones too!), too many unnecessary characters, the most flaccid love story of any comic book movie (WHAT were they thinking), and dull action scenes. Robert Downey Jr.'s considerable talents, charm and charisma carried the movie.

I agree with everything that VHMR's post brings up. There's nothing you can debate there that isn't a correct way to go.

I just hope IM2's filmmakers and studio are aware of the franchise's failings, and make the necessary course corrections.

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