Friday, November 9, 2012

Even Zombies Have A Heart

The instant classic Shaun of the Dead was advertised as a Rom-Zom-Com, ("Romantic Zombie Comedy").  The titular character had to go through the normal travails of a romantic comedy to save his sweetie during a zombie outbreak.

Warm Bodies is a new film from Jonathan Levine, the director of a great little movie called 50/50 (the comedy where Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character finds out he has cancer).  Unlike Shaun this is a true Rom-Zom-Com - a zombie actually falls in love with a human!

The zombie is played by talented Nicholas Hoult (last seen by me as Beast in X-Men: First Class; Hoult also did great work in About A Boy), and the girl is played by the lovely Teresa Palmer.

The first trailer for Warm Bodies is here, and it looks very promising. (Trailer found at

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