Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coming Attractions and Distractions

It's a movie trailer extravaganza today.

Here is the newest, and even more awesome, look at Ridley Scott's return to science fiction, PROMETHEUS. This movie has really and truly got my interest. Please, Sir Ridley, let this be on par with Alien and Blade Runner, if, you know, that's not too much to ask. (Trailer from

Producer Tim Burton teams with kinetic director Timur (Wanted, Night Watch, Day Watch) Bekmambetov on ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. Honest Abe drives stakes into the unbeating hearts of evil bloodsuckers. Looks like good, Karo syrup-tinged fun. (Trailer from

From producer/co-writer Oren (Paranormal Activity, The River) Peli comes an interesting looking film called CHERNOBYL DIARIES, about extreme vacationers who visit the abandoned Ukrainian city of Chernobyl, near the site of the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. But they soon find all is not what it seems, and the city may not be as abandoned as they thought. Fun creepy, jump out of your seat times. (Trailer from

And finally, a totally whack-a-doo look at the new DARK SHADOWS. It appears that director Tim Burton is aping Barry (Addams Family) Sonnenfeld in this goofy 1970s-set comedy. Johnny Depp looks like he's wearing makeup! Seriously, wtf? (Trailer from

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